Increase your bookings by 5X over the next 12 months — without any new hires

If you’re a first aid trainer looking to book out your course, this one’s for you.

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Does this sound like you?

This approach I’m about to share with you is specifically designed for first aid training providers who want to fill up their calendars, upskill their businesses, and avoid paying overly large marketing retainers. Because here’s the thing…

Marketing isn’t magic.

There’s really a formula that works.

Handling the Secret Weapon

You know how much you want to grow your business — so it’s right that you should have direct input into any marketing strategy. Digital First Aid is the secret weapon that gives you the skills, training and technology to source new leads and get more bookings for your course.

This combined method can grow your business by 5x within 12 months without hiring anyone new while staying extremely capital efficient.

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What’s Digital First Aid?

Digital First Aid is a value stack of programmes and tools designed for first aid training providers like yourself to prepare and seek new leads for your course training. The kit comes with a fully built out software system and one-click install, as well as automated campaigns and outreach management.

Each module in the kit can be taken individually or bundled together for the best possible result. With the Digital First Aid Training, you can get 12 monthly access to the following goodies, including;

Digital Jetstarter Pack

The Booked-in Course

Bring in new leads and automate your outreach on the web and beyond.

Learn how to use valued tools for upskilling yourself with lessons and course material.

 Our in-house software is built explicitly for software developers and is usable by just about anybody. Get a custom snapshot of your ideal target audience and level up your business with the following value adds; 

Automated email, SMS and social media outreach

With a completely automated setup and full custom build-out, the Digital Jetstarter Pack can have you responding to new leads you never knew existed in no time.

 Traditional advertising is dead — people want genuine conversation starters and content that speaks to their needs. But pushing through the competing noise and finding those clients who want to sign up is a challenge. In the Booked-in Course, you’ll get access to Digital First Aid software, course material, lessons and examples of how to generate compelling work of your own. Our course covers step by step instructions on everything from; 

Talk to us

Get access to the course

Complete Digital First Aid Kit

The complete package includes the entire Digital Jetstarter Pack for 12 months, with a custom prebuilt snapshot of your target first aid clients. You’ll also have 12-monthly access to The Booked-in Course and weekly coaching calls, with up-to-date insights on your developing performance and numbers, making sure you’re adjusting to your new digital and SEO superstardom. Plus, we’ll throw in white labels for your social posts, which gives you assets that you can paste over digitally with your branding to stand out.

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Why train the trainers?

Basically, we discovered the best way to maximise results and avoid manually redoing work for clients, again and again, was by learning to specialise. We had all the right ingredients and the wisdom of 20 years in the industry, but it wasn’t until we doubled down on our offer that we realised the potential of Digital First Aid.

And as it turned out, our best-performing clients were first aid trainers.

So the idea was simple — let’s train the trainers.

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Why trust us?

We’re the fastest growing digital marketing and web agency in Christchurch with a perfect 5-star review on Google, Facebook and Clutch from some of the 100s of happy clients we’ve worked with. As software and marketing experts, we know how to make brands visible and convert views into clicks and signups.

Learn from the very best how to transform your business over the next 12 months

Old way

Maybe you used to –

New Way​

But choosing from our Digitial First Aid modules means you’ll –

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Previous success stories


Went from -$70K to 1 million in 12 months



The company had very little online presence and was running at a loss of 150K annually. While using multiple software options, they still weren’t getting seen anywhere online by interested prospects.


Emcare were booked out in advance, with sales skyrocketing to 1 million in revenue over 12 months. They also began to find themselves with unstoppable business growth, adding courses in new locations while increasing remote trainers from 5 to 12 full-time staff members.


Working together with Emcare, we changed a very confusing website by focusing on the messaging and dominating Google keyword searches. We also generated a lead machine with fantastic CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) software and an easily navigatable user journey experience.

Scalp Design

Went from $7.5k to 50k p/m as a one man band



Relying mainly on referrals, Scalp Design saw a decline in the number of leads coming from Facebook boosted posts. They were stressed out about whether they could continue and if starting their own business had been the right decision.


The worry has melted away as Scalp Design now has a constant stream of leads calling and emailing to book in for his training. John’s business has also become the leading SMP (Scalp Micropigmentation) trainer in Boston, MA.


We re-worked the core messaging and changed John’s copy to be more client-focused. Step two was creating profitable Google ads and maximising ROI (Return On Investment) using Facebook and Instagram retargeting campaigns.


Went from 15 bookings to 60+ p/m



Road had an outdated website with a broken booking system that drove website visitors away. Prospects constantly complained about the clucky website, and the few visitors that showed up weren’t sure if payments were going through or not.


RoadTrain managed to bump up their bookings and continues to improve, with a 25% increase in revenue each month since working with us. They even climbed during peak covid lockdown and restrictions with less staff.


We built them a modern, user-friendly website with a fully functioning booking system that could take payment online and in-person — a great way to induce conversions from already willing prospects. In the first month alone, we saw a 50% increase in paid bookings, right smack in the middle of Covid restrictions. Keeping the ball rolling, we ran some super-profitable ads and set up an effective retention and engagement nurturing sequence.

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What You Could Do

Traditionally, getting leads and managing an outreach campaign would take a small army of marketers, designers and other freelancers, to whom you’re indebted for results. You might expect to…

Hire Someone

 Look, you can hire someone for the job, and it may work out…

Likely outcome:

But the likely outcome is you’ll have to spend at least 50K USD per hire, including training, pay, sick days, holiday pay and coffee beans.

Build a CRM

It’s entirely possible to set up a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) that you could eventually get working…

Likely outcome:

But you’ll probably pull your hair out and spend countless hours trying to figure out all the tech stuff by yourself.

Obtain Freelancers

You could hire a copywriter, a web developer, a web designer, an email marketer, or an automation specialist…

Likely outcome:

and still have an underwhelming sales page and funnel.

So here’s the thing.

We’re not an army, nor do we charge army prices. For a fraction of those costs, we give you guaranteed funnels, sales copy and CRM management. So right upfront, you’re paying less for a strategy that’s already proven to work and bring you in more leads. If you want extra, well, we can provide that too.

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Brass tax

Here’s what some companies pay for their marketing:

That’s 85,000 cups of coffee!

Digital First Aid Software Stack

Only $250 p/m, paid annually. Total of $3,000 a year or 600 coffees

The Booked-in Method Course + Digital First Aid Software Stack

Only $350 p/m, paid annually. Total of $4,200 a year or 262 lunches out

The Complete Digital First Aid Kit

Only $500 p/m, paid annually. Total of $6,000 a year or than two full-body rescue manikins

Don’t add on additional modules — $500 a month is the limit of what you’ll pay for greater lead generation and increased course bookings.

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Want to know more?

 Here’s a sneak peek under the hood of the lead generation machine

What’s Possible For You?

Imagine having a premade, fine-tuned machine that constantly finds you hot prospects, qualifying and ensuring that the people you speak with are actually interested in your offer, willing to do what’s needed and can afford your service.

No more complaining to salespeople about bad leads, no more guesswork and frustration at ads that don’t work. Just think — you can have an expert there for you whenever you have a question and who can sort any headaches that arise concerning lead generation, sales or tech-related nightmares.

Let’s Fill Your Calendar

Get the software automation, scripts and training advice to stack your calendar with bookings.

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How will scripts increase my prospect size?

The script is the mechanism; it’s the outbound campaign that massively increases the size as you are not limited to the number of participants wanting to book in. You can go out and create the need.

How are we sure they will work?

The scripts, the strategies, and the triggers are tried and tested in the training program niche and focus not on the program itself but on the transformation it will create in the participant’s life.

Would a sales funnel work for my business as I offer different courses?

Sales funnels are single-handedly responsible for making the most online millionaires, and they have revolutionised the way companies do business. Sale funnels for training providers or professionals are among the best performing sales funnels.

Are sales funnels hard to build?

You can create a sales funnel, but they can take time to craft and perfect, you can pay for expensive copywriting to attempt to get it right, or you could partner with an agency that has proven to work.

What’s the point of a sales funnel?

Sales funnels are designed to resonate with your prospects at a physiological level, without getting into the specific offerings. The funnel begins by agitating an existing pain point, providing a solution to said pain point and then positioning your offer as the logical solution to get them to the place they want to be.

Does this cost a lot of money?
No, using laser focused targeting and maximizing retargeting, you can keep ad spend low. The main thing is to become profitable. The ad spend can vary depending on how many leads you want.
How are we sure they will work?
The scripts, the strategies, the triggers should be tried and tested in the training program niche and focus now of the program itself but the transformation it will create in the participant’s life
What if it doesn’t work for me

We have tons of happy clients, but this system doesn’t work for everybody – that’s why we have this initial strategy call! If we find that we can’t actually help you and that we’ve both tried everything we can, we have a money-back guarantee that I’m happy to discuss with you over a call. 

This Won’t Last Long

We only work with one training provider per area, and on average, we have 60 calls booked per month, so get in and see if there is still the option to partner with us.

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