Unlimited sales funnels

Create as many funnels, webpages and opportunities as you’d like.

Graduate customers through the funnel

Create a targeted nurturing sequence

Begin with a landing page or email, end with results and satisfied customers.

Craft the journey you want your customers to undertake and design pages to lead them there.

Reach across all social platforms

Organise your funnels and lead generation

Fashion and market content that mimics the actions of your audience across mobile and web.

Run as many campaigns as you want through the funnel and lead generation features.

Craft your own landing pages

Create eye-catching landing pages using simple web-building tools

Add effects, graphics, pictures, text, pricing and animations to your landing pages, all from our easy web page builder. Each page you create becomes part of your master sales funnel, drawing in specific audience types with targeted sales promotions and benefits.

Consultation, next step and thank you

Don’t stop at sales pitches. Create unique landing pages for every occasion.

Create a series of pages that move the customer journey onward. From landing to form, payment, sale, information, consultation, next step and even thank you pages, there’s no end to how detailed and responsive you can make your next funnel.

Optimise for desktop and mobile

Create designs that work across multiple platforms

With Ailem, it’s easy to alter the look of a site quickly, so it fits in with mobile or desktop view. Now you can work closely with your marketing team to see real development without constantly going back to the drawing board each time a hitch arrives. Ailem is designed for modern technology and modern consumer lifestyles.

Two-step order forms

Upsell your products by adding a more detailed procedure to your funnel

Create more enticing products by leading your potential customers in with a two-step order form that lets you customise your offering, set pricing plans, and monitor activity to see who’s clicking on your content.

Set up a domain

Host all the promotions, landing pages and additional content you want

Create your own promotional domains and assign them to funnels based on your campaign idea. With root and sub-domains, you can create searchable content and easily track performance measures.

Style your funnel

Choose from Ailem’s more bespoke styling features to really craft your funnels

Add and manipulate images, videos, headers, links and more from within Ailem without having to edit the coding directly. Whatever the task, Ailem lets you easily collaborate with your marketing team on designs you can quickly edit.

Track customers as they find you

Host all the promotions, landing pages and additional content you want

Ailem can check who is visiting your site and where they’re looking, as well as monitor any backlinks and email responses you get from your campaigns. This means you can get real-time response rates from your website and content, adjusting your messaging to suit a broader appeal.

Common integrations

Integrate a funnel with your existing website.


Convert more sales
Land more searches
Easily generate webpages

Run more targeted campaigns without changing the information and functionality of your main website.

Increase your traffic with landing pages   designed to pick up unyielded marketing  territory and search terms.

Create and clone webpages which you can repeatedly use throughout your campaigns without spending heaps on web development.

Increase your SEO data
Create an organised funnel workflow
Track your sales and conversions

With more consumer touchpoints, run further, varied sets of keywords to increase your sales/bookings.

Ailem is organised, which means your marketing agency will be too. Get an overview of each of your projects and know when they start performing.

Track the journey your customers undertake and get reports from your agency that delve deeper into what’s working/not working and why.

The more optimised your funnel is, the better quality your customer.