Tracking, analytics & dashboard

Don’t let a messy spreadsheet prevent new opportunities

See who’s waiting in-line

Collect stats

Track SMS messages and phone calls as they come in and manage customer requests automatically.

Find out key information about your demographic and how they’re engaging with your business.

Accurate reporting on leads

Ad performance

Get full breakdowns on opportunities and their whereabouts with data analytics on your customers.

See how your spend is performing in terms of engagement and leads captured — which means greater assurance from your marketing agency!

Get what you paid for

Decide what you want to hear about from your marketing agency

Ailem lets you determine what’s important to your business and what you want to hear about in marketing reports. You know how your business is run, but you might not know how wide your audience is, so set the opportunities and stats you want to know more about.

Monitor conversion rates

Find out what works and what doesn’t

Traditionally, ad agencies will talk about success based on the number of likes or views a campaign gets — but these   figures alone don’t pay for campaigns. Get reports on what’s leading people to buy and what isn’t, so you can change your tactics and spend your budget where it   counts that much faster.

Calculate accurate spend

Track how much ad campaigns cost

Judging a campaign or search result is tricky. But the better you can measure your impressions, the number of clicks and conversions, the better you can judge your spending per impression. Ailem allows your marketing agency to create better-performing ads by monitoring what campaigns best please the eye and turn thought into action.

So much to do

Treat the dashboard like your taskboard

  If you’re used to other reporting software, Ailem will seem a breeze — because it allows you to work collaboratively with your marketing agency to monitor customer engagement, ad spending and next steps.

Just the good stuff

Get a full performance breakdown of your marketing funnel

Your funnel is an essential piece of information — it’s a   map of where your customers are in relation to your business, from initial interest to confirmed repeat customers. Set out the funnel you want, create targeted messaging and see where potential customers are getting ‘stuck’ in the process. 

Common integrations

Track all your ad campaigns and revenue without opening a spreadsheet


A dashboard anyone can understand
Track your performance on Google My Business
Get key engagement stats with Google Analytics

Ailem isn’t built to be a marketing secret. The dashboard is an easy way to view all your important activities and stats depending on what matters most to your business.

Find out how many people are connecting with you on Google and the actions your ads or keyword searches are getting people to perform.

Get month-by-month viewership updates based on your company’s direct, paid, social, and organic searches.

Assign tasks based on actions
Be as involved as you want

Jump into follow-up tasks to turn interested customers into a sure thing or set tasks to complete between your marketing agency and you.

With multiple added users, you can onboard your business onto Ailem and leave it to the professionals — or sit in and monitor your performance.

The sooner you start collecting data, the better

Get accurate performance reports from your marketing agency