Surveys & forms

Get the feedback you want with tailored surveys and forms.

Generate your own templates

Stylise your templates

Write your own questions and set limits to the answers with the form and survey builders.

Bypass survey resistance by making your forms easy, stylish and fun to fill in.

Connect with emails and campaigns

Review your answers

Package your templates to be sent out as part of a campaign or as a standalone email.

Get the feedback and the clicks you want, monitoring the success of your surveys as you do.

Decking out your surveys

Customise your own question fields

Ailem allows you the freedom to create custom fields to collect text, numerical and monetary values, phone numbers, checkboxes, dropdown options, radio, dates, textbox lists, file uploads and signatures. Change the text on any type of question you set, or add custom-made collection fields, including phone, email, organisation, address, website, date of birth or image capture. Collecting the necessary data you need from customers is simpler than ever using Ailem.

Layer your content

Create a form or survey that’s interactive and easy to follow

With Ailem’s survey and form builder, you can decide which sections you want to pop up first or have your questions appear one at a time. Have a question you need others to answer? Change the priority of your custom fields so that some questions have to be answered to move on. You can even set a taskbar which shows participants how long they have left until completion.

Integrate with email or other platforms

Send your surveys and forms out in droves

Once you’ve mapped your survey/form journey, it’s time to send it out to the people. Integrate your form as an embedded code within a campaign or save the link and add it to an email or web button. However you want people to access your form or survey, across whatever channel, you can.

Analyse your results

Get a breakdown survey/form’s performance

In Ailem, every and any action can be reduced to statistics. See how your campaigns are performing individually and the rate of completion/number of clicks. For an in-depth analysis, see individual submissions and answers, giving more context to your feedback. However you want to interpret your forms, and for whatever reason, Ailem can provide with a succinct, timely and accurate overview of the data collected.

Reuse templates again and again

Create the basic layout of your surveys and forms once

Reluctant to spend a lot of time collecting the information? The beauty of a system like Ailem is you only pay for the creation of assets once. Create templates which can easily be altered and switched out, just like with the email, chat, funnel, product, website, landing page or calendar builder. Once you have the fundamentals down, it’s easy to edit with Ailem.

Set conditional logic

Only get the answers you want

Using checkbox, single options and radio, you can limit the answers or the multiplicity of answers your user might give. Type in the answers you want to see or limit your user to replying with a single answer. You can also add an additional field for collecting other answers if the user isn’t happy with any of them.

Add forms to your website

Embed form or survey code in your website

If you want visitors to your website to fill in forms or take out surveys you can by copying over your embedded code. This feature allows you to review the survey on your website alongside other surveys sent via email, Facebook, landing pages, SMS text and more. Don’t pass up the chance to learn more about your customers — capture their thoughts wherever they go!

Common integrations

Get a better quality of answer every time.


Brand your surveys and forms
Push out to Facebook or integrate with funnels
Get further customisation with CSS

Add icons, logos, branded colours and style guides with your creations, making it clear who’s asking the questions.

Stylise to Facebook’s own survey and form guide or add to your existing funnel.

If Ailem’s software and custom fields don’t give you the exact options you need, the custom CSS can help add to your surveys and forms a unique branded experience.

Allow for sticky contact
Say hello, wave on forward
Entirely cloud-based

Have your customers only fill out their information once, auto-populating additional calendars, surveys and forms with their details.

Decide on the next option you want your customer to take with built-in URLs, or finish the survey/form with a nice thank you message.

Create links to your online forms and surveys, which can be accessed anywhere there’s a wifi connection.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to learn more about your market.

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