SMS marketing

Manage your leads and keep customers engaged.

Create text-based campaigns and promotions

Retarget your widget chats through SMS

Craft SMS messages that lead back to your web or promotional pages, reaching customers who normally ignore emails and social media.

Begin with a chatbot, and end on a conversation through text with multi-platform integration, saving your conversations as you go.

Filter your lead list via text, email, website or other

Keep in contact with SMS messaging

Not everyone is going to find you the same way. Filter leads through how they contacted you so that you reach customers in the best way possible.

Keep customers engaged and returning to your brand for future discounts, promotions and other perks.

SMS messaging your way

Create more than just standardised texts

Integrate your text with voice-clip or video options, or send links to wherever you want your audience to go. Ailem’s SMS feature is designed to offer you maximum flexibility when it comes to designing and sending out your SMS campaigns — the only limit is your creativity.

Monitor the sales process

Don’t just capture reviews — see how your revenue performs

Get a breakdown of sale conversions and your success percentage rate with completed, open or lost transactions, calculated as revenue earnt. Ailem can track more in-depth sales details, benefiting you and your marketing agency.

Create custom fields for text

Stylise your texts based on their purpose

With the SMS feature, you can easily create calendars, appointments, campaigns, account messages, contacts, outreaches, and custom text fields. So, whatever the reason for getting in touch, Ailem is incredibly proficient in sending SMS messages that lead to actual actions.

Create opportunity pipelines

Turn a simple text into a transaction

With Ailem, it’s easy to slot an SMS text or any campaign outreach into your full campaign strategy. Ailem lets you assign project owners, choose the operational status, give a monetary value, select the specific pipeline and even where in the pipeline the opportunity sits. With customisable pipeline fields, it’s easy to change your planning mid-campaign or even shift your planning into a new pipeline, depending on how your campaign performs.

Saved preferred contact method

Remind yourself how your customers prefer to be reached

Ailem lets you set the preferred channel for your contact across emails, text messages, calls and voicemails and Facebook Messenger. Now you can easily note your contact’s preferred method of communication, getting your customers where they spend most of their time.

Request payment with one simple form

Don’t make a hassle out of getting paid

Ailem’s SMS lets you quickly send invoices based on billed items to a mobile number, breaking down each cost in the sum total. Generate invoices, select due dates, and send payment links from an automatic message generator. Paying over a mobile phone has never been easier!

Change pipelines as you go

Remind yourself how your customers prefer to be reached

Ailem is full of easily crafted templates for every form of contact imaginable. With the text template, you can save specific messages and campaigns with added links. Create custom values and add specific reminders that update over time or depending on your contact. You can even create trigger links, review your message as it appears on screen and send test texts to separate phone numbers — all while getting real-time updates on the cost and reach of your tailored SMS messaging.

Common integrations

Get more activity with a toll-free number.


Get more activity with a toll-free number
Connect through Twilio
Add area codes to your number

Getting in touch with you shouldn’t cost — which is why Ailem has a toll-free number option.

Ailem integrates with Twilio to offer you customised SMS outreach strategies that cost little to run.

Let people know where you’re calling from or search phone numbers within a certain area to find new potential customers.

Get more appointments
Switch between SMS and email in the same conversation thread
Add tags to your messaging

Send appointment reminders with specific titles (such as ‘onboarding call’) to customers to keep the ball rolling.

If you suddenly find you need to send more information or attach hefty files, you can easily switch your conversation platform without breaking your stride.

Track your specific campaigns to better organise your output without confusing running across any confusion.

Craft and track your text messaging across multiple platforms and campaigns.