Reputation management

Grow your business visibility and make every review count

Rank high(er) on the web

Monitor genuine feedback

Reviews can be used to boost your web rating and make you a top of the pile search term for your area.

Prompt reviews from your customer transactions to leverage an advantage over your competitors.

See it all laid out

Filter through reports

View everything you need on the dashboard, giving you a quick breakdown of your performance.

Turn those performance metrics into reports everyone can view for real tangible results.

Turn every transaction into a win-win

Get testimonies via text and message request

It’s easy to get reviews that boost your web presence without requesting a whole lot from your customers. A simple automated message can give you a quick 5-star rating that puts you above other competitors in your area.

Across the web and beyond

Get reviews everywhere reviews are made

Don’t just settle for text requests. Get positive reviews long after your transaction on social media, search engines and even your own website. Let your brand do the talking and prompt more positive responses!

See where you're gaining traction

Monitor the locations your reviews are coming from

Across Facebook, Google and other online platforms, see where you’re getting ratings. View a breakdown of your responses to determine why certain sites are giving you more success than others.

Automate feedback yourself

Create tailored reviews based on the responses you want

Don’t just settle for the standard ‘hi there’. Make people want to review you by adding your own call to action and personalising your reviews. Get better quality feedback and higher rankings by finishing on a good note.

Become a review track star

Observe your rankings as they develop over time

Wonder why your business was popular last month but  quiet now? Review specific dates and user ratings to see why you’re getting the feedback you are.

All about timing and finesse

Get your customers where they’re more likely to respond

Let your customers choose how they respond with timers set to reach them after they’ve finished the transaction, not before. Send an immediate review request or schedule custom reviews to get your customers at the best time.

Preview your reviews

Observe your rankings as they develop over time

Display reviews on your website or other web platforms and change customer testimonials to suit your branding.

Common integrations

Start generating reviews and boost your reputation today.


Dashboard reporting
White labelling
Interconnected data

As the reviews flood in, the dashboard captures your reporting metrics and harnesses useful insights that you can present at meetings.

Make your brand visible on all reporting metrics, mobile apps and dashboards to keep internally consistent across your company.

Connected across all mobile, web and website platforms, your reviews are instantly visible from anywhere, on multiple platforms.

Multiple access
Generate review links
High-level design

Add multiple users to monitor your review performance and customise settings.

Generate links to My Google Business Profile and other review platforms, easily adjusting your messaging.

See your reviews as they appear in the wild via mobile, tablet or laptop screens. Gain control over your how your reviews look to suit your brand style.

Don't let your reviews go to waste.

Help satisfied customers find other satisfied customers.