Live chat function

Don’t leave potential customers hanging.

Add to your website or any other domain

Craft useful conversations

Chat functions increase the likelihood of customer retention, purchase and positive review.

Point your customers in the right direction by altering your live chat scripts.

Continue the chat anywhere

Design a chat to suit your look

Redirect the chat through email, mobile or online to complete   transactions.

Style your chat to work naturally within your existing website’s code.

Style your chat the way you want

Use your live chat to do more than answer questions

If you’re looking to funnel your customers towards a certain purchase point or help them solve a purchase decision, live chat is key. Your live chat can be tailored to perform multiple functional tasks with editable scripts and additional pathways.

Craft a multi-media journey

Begin on your website, end with a text reminder

The most successful live chats can be made available on any device. Ailem’s live chats can be set up to continue the conversation, with a multi-platform chat memory that carries on conversations long after you’ve exited the website. Delight and wow potential customers with an automated follow-up chat.

Organise all your customer requests

Create live chats that work as automated pipelines

With Ailem, you can create live chats that automatically store and sort customer journeys, creating a pipeline that begins with an enquiry or question and ends with the purchase and follow-up. You can also review customer journeys and take over manually when a real contact is required to complete the sale.

Chat across all platforms

Be seen talking, no matter where your customers are

Create pipelines and get customer information from Google My Business, Facebook messenger, website domains and more, branching out into email and text requests. So, no matter where you exist, and without even clicking on your page, you can already begin the conversation.

Common integrations

Don’t miss out on potential customer conversions.


Give your customers a better quality of support
Convert sales no matter what time of day (or night)
Manage your interactions easily

With tailored customer journeys, you can write chat scripts that get results and leave more satisfied engagements.

Don’t leave your customers handing — otherwise, they might try a competitor while they wait!

Keep a record of your interactions and how far into the pipeline they led with the live chat function.

Give your customers a better quality of support
Automatically add email and phone numbers from Facebook chats.
Get leads for free

Start chatting from the search page with Google My Business chat, available for mobile phone use.

Ailem can grab contact details from Facebook chats, prompting users to enter email addresses and other contact methods for storage in your system.

Let leads contact you without having to pay high costs for getting together lead lists and crafting multiple messages.

Convert more sales and increase customer happiness with a live chat function.