Email marketing

Make your emails relevant, interesting and direct.

Integrate with numerous other email builders

Turn more emails into meetings

It doesn’t matter if you’ve already paid for MailChimp or MailGun— Ailem can integrate your email marketing with the rest of your sales strategy.

Link to Calanderly or Ailem’s booking system to set two-way meeting reminders in your email or Google calendar.

Get creative with your emails

Link, promote, redirect or repeat

Ailem allows the same creative freedom in emails as with landing pages, so your marketing agency can create on-point email designs.

Tie your emails in with the rest of your campaign, building an email funnel that leads to a definite action your audience can undertake.

Create email campaigns and templates

Build out tailored campaigns for your lead list

Email is a great way to build a customer journey over multiple steps, handing out bits of information at a time to convert your audience slowly.  As they keep clicking and engaging with your brand, you can begin to reward them for their loyalty with exclusive deals or new products worth their time and attention.

Craft more bespoke emails with HTML

Don’t settle for templates if you’ve something more complex in mind

When it comes to email, marketing agencies are limited by their software. Unlike a bespoke website or app builder, emailing tools are generally built to send out mass messaging and collect the leads coming back in. But with Ailem, your marketing team can create more crafted emails that feel like they’re coming from a high-end brand, reflecting the same quality you’d ask for from your website.

Track progress without saving emails

Don’t search for that hidden email or lead every time you get a callback

Ailem in the pipeline and funnel tool for keeping your marketing agency on top of its game.  Ailem tracks the progression of each of your email campaigns and can filter out those leads which have ‘fallen off’ permanently. See a comprehensive report or go into Ailem yourself to see   what your marketing agency is up to. Ailem is built for complete transparency between agency and client, so you’re in control at all times.

Set a default SMPT provider

Keep doing what you're doing, but more so with Ailem

With Simple Mail Transfer Protocol’s, you can set whatever email address you’d prefer to forward replies to, meaning you don’t have to switch your provider or sign up for a new service to use Ailem. You can review and retain all your previous interactions and hope to send off a personalised email whenever you see fit — without any data loss.

Create a nurturing sequence

Get higher opening rates and sales with a carefully crafted campaign

With Ailem’s lead-list generation, you can create specific nurturing sequences for different audiences, set to go out whenever you want. You can also track, monitor and  change your approach mid-campaign, based on your open or click rates.

Sell more products from emails

Send out enticing sales and get more people hurrying to your online store

Ailem lets you easily sync up your emails with your store and online information, so you can let your customers know when you’ve got a sale or when certain products are at a discount. Connecting through Ailem is an easy way to integrate your online store with your campaign outreach so that you’re continuing to cycle through fresh material, keeping your sales and promotions relevant.

Create templates for text

Design for more than just web platforms

Create emails designed for mobile and web view, with easily adjusted templates that can be used time and time again. Adjust the email title, subject, sending and receiving address, and assign emails to specific campaigns.

Common integrations

Don’t underestimate the power of a well-crafted email.


Schedule your emails and campaigns
Mask the real sender
Create subscribe and unsubscribe fields

Get your best work ready to go out when needed by scheduling individual emails and campaigns or selecting lead list batches.

Send from whatever account you prefer while configuring your email to display only the address you want others to see.

Let your customers decide how much they want to hear from you with easily added subscription products.

Make it a smart list
Send RSS email updates on the fly
Customise your subject line, email address, preview text and contact list

Choose who want based on custom fields, such as priority, relationship, location or other specific conditions that make them desirable.

Automatically send updates to your customers every time you have something to announce, like a new product, blog or development.

People decide whether or not to open an email based on the first line and sender. Make yours stand out.

Have you really tried everything to attract more business?

Start turning your haphazard replies into a targeted, predictable emailing strategy.