CRM & pipeline management

Manage your leads and keep customers engaged.

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Track new and existing leads

Plan customer journeys

Determine where you are in the sales process, from new leads to appointments and close to completion.

Move your leads through a preplanned journey to the point of sale, wherever they first find you.

Manage payments

Sit across all pipelines

Collect payments, forecast outcomes, and edit your deals through a secure automated process.

Scope for more opportunities by sitting across multiple social media, web and mobile channels.

Label each lead as an opportunity

Decide where in the pipeline each of your opportunities sits

Leads are characterised depending on where they are in the sales process so that you know how to hone your message and turn interest around into follow-through.

Monitor the sales process

Don’t just capture reviews — see how your revenue performs

Get a breakdown of sale conversions and your success percentage rate with completed, open or lost transactions, calculated as revenue earnt. Ailem can track more in-depth sales details, benefiting you and your marketing agency.

Not every opportunity is a funnel

Change the shape of your strategy depending on the customer

Not all customers will require a full marketing funnel or will quickly convert into potential customers after the first exposure to your brand. Make the right contacts and keep pipeline customers in the works with an easy monitoring process for your ongoing relationships.

Manage your contacts

Bring in and nurture quality leads

Personal and payment information is organised for all your clients, including conversations you’ve had and reviews received — viewing from a single location.

Capture leads with breadcrumbs

Design surveys and other techniques to bring in new contacts

As leads fill in surveys, check out ads and respond to your funnel and pipeline outreach. Automatically add leads in as an opportunity and rank based on your relationship potential.

Triggers set to go

Begin the contact process automatically as new customers join

Decide on the campaign and action following outreach to close more deals. Whatever the response type, Ailem can filter triggers into new opportunities and begin the customer process through sales and ongoing relationship management.

Change pipelines as you go

Use our dynamic pipeline tool to redirect your customer journeys

If you find your campaign needs changing midway through, you may need to refocus your target audience with fresh material. The pipeline change tool allows you this freedom, easily selecting which of your leads you want redirecting.

Common integrations

Begin with interest, end with client satisfaction.

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Rank leads based on value
Get more appointments
Interconnected data

Spend more time on profitable leads and get better value for your budget spend.

Use your pipeline to add potential and new  clients to the calendar and widen your opportunity base.

Don’t spend time guessing where you are with clients or how your ads are performing. Ailem remembers and reports on everything for you.

Automatically add opportunities
Monitor your opportunity for success
Create multiple opportunities for clients

Add opportunity cards to your pipeline every time you add a new lead to a campaign from a form, website, email or conversation.

Set your status to ‘lost’, ‘won’ and ‘abandoned’,  so you and your marketing agency can easily check back on customer journeys.

Larger/more complex clients require more than one pipeline. Ailem recognises and organises job opportunities assigned to the same person/brand.

Don’t let your ad spend go to waste.

Make every outreach an opportunity to convert interest into action.

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