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Deliver more value as a content producer and online teacher.

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Craft and sell your own online products

Market your product

If you’ve got something worth talking about, it could be valuable. Turn online wisdom into a revenue opportunity.

Price, distribute and sell your online courses through multiple channels, including email and My Google Business.

Create and host video content easily

Encourage more signups

Upload video content through Loom or other video plugins to deliver more value than a YouTube tutorial or Google ad.

Create content exclusively for members, which they alone can access, or create multiple free and paid versions of your content.

Everyone’s a teacher

Take your business to the next level with an online product.

If you know something worth telling, you have the potential for another revenue generator. Make your business a two or three-pronged beast and sell more than just products — sell what you know. Create products and courses that market your main business and add to your online marketing with useful, sought-after content.

Sell your products or services

Connect your payment information to sell more products online

Use Stripe, Google My Business, or any other plugin to sell your main store of products online. The goal is to make the payment process as easy and painless as possible, so customers can quickly get to the solution they’re after. Setting up your product through Ailem allows them to do that without requiring you to undertake a whole new payment process.

Tie your products into your funnel

Make your online product or course part of a larger campaign

Who says every step in your campaign has to be an ad? Impart real value and market your main products by designing free content or online tools. Or offer a new side to your business strategy with paid-for memberships that increase interaction with your brand, induce desirability and end with more conversions than ever before.

Create memberships

Design an offer with further value for your most valued customers

Linking to your web or domain page, you can create more exclusive material that only certain members of the public can access. Ailem is perfect for a more complex business solution that involves multiple tiers, memberships, partnerships or login accesses, allowing you to create content specific to your chosen audience.

A whole campaign in one

Craft content, courses, payment pages, ads and more

Onboarding with Ailem means your marketing agency can easily create fully-fledged campaigns and content that look like they’re part of the same brand. So whether you’re promoting a course, taking payments, creating landing pages, emails, social posts or anything else, Ailem is the design and sales tool your marketing agency needs to ensure a well-executed campaign.

Common integrations

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Style payment plans how you like
Create trial periods to entice more customers
Organise your product

Set to subscription, one-time or payment plan to get more people involved and paying the way that suits them.

Set special membership offers or trial periods with specific landing pages to enable easy payment.

Turn the products you create into a marketing opportunity, scheduling calls, sales talks and outreach campaigns as part of your product funnel.

Treat members like an elite club
Get more open clicks on your next email campaign
Create multiple contact stages

Create something special about your most sought-after products with multiple high, middle and low-tier pricing options.

Fill your emails with useful, sought-after products that make engaging with your business after a transaction a worthwhile investment.

Design each layer of your customer journey, from signup to order confirmation, resigning, future check-ins, course completions and new product announcements.

Create more value out of your current business offering.

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