Call tracking

Keep a tab on all your sales phone calls.

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Convert calls into leads

Tag your phone calls

Put your calls through the customer pipeline, turning enquiries into leads you can continue to contact.

Monitor where your calls are coming from and which of your pages they’re reading to deliver more constructive sales calls.

Get individual call tracking stats

Create marketing campaigns from calls

See exactly how your call volume is performing against other contact  forms and where you’re generating the most interest.

Set up a number pool and/or call forwarding with your customers to further individualise your call tracking.

Keyword tracking for call numbers

Create tailored pages that act as setups for your next call

Receiving a call out of the blue can be daunting, as you’re expected to spend time and energy directing your customers over the phone. With call tracking, you can create individualised landing pages to impart essential information to your audience, using the phone number as the last step in the consumer journey. You can also    monitor what went well and what needs improvement across all your calls.

See everything your customer sees

Get full reports on your customer’s journey

If you want more accountability from your marketing agency, then Ailem can help them comply. Not only can   you track the call location, answer rate, duration and number, but you can also see exactly what keywords your customers are searching to get to you. With all that information to hand, it’s easier than ever to hold marketing accountable and see exactly where ad spend is going and how it’s performing.

Get voicemail messages and tags

Hear more about where your call came from

With the voicemail tag option, you can hear from which campaign your call is coming from, monitor missed calls  and tagging call locations. The option also allows you to  add notes on the call progress, so you can review how the conversation went — the perfect option for streamlining your marketing agency’s communication and progress reports.

Missed calls and text back

Don’t let missed calls be your downfall

Chances are you’re going to miss some calls, which can mean potential business lost. However, if you can show some attempt to get in contact with your missed calls, you can easily turn a potentially negative and frustrating experience into a positive one. Set your missed calls to instantly text back a message, keeping customers in the loop. Or set your call tracker to inform you when you have new leads, with the option to return calls there and then.

Track all your social channels live

Design surveys and other techniques to bring in new contacts

See how many calls you’re getting or missing from  individual pages, with a missed call text back. You can  track across Google My Business or any other tagged numbers with real-time feedback on call performance, length and progression through the customer pipeline.

Common integrations

Let your numbers generate better business calls.

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Add tracking code to your website or domain pages
Enhance your presence on Google My Business
Save pass call numbers as ID callers

If your website uses WordPress or any other web builder, you can easily add a tracking code to the footer or body of your site.

Adding tracking codes to your Google My Business and Google ads for individual campaigns.

Make sure anyone receiving a call from you knows it’s a business number before they pick up the phone.

Change your voicemail and call connect features
Create voicemail drops

Decide how long you want customers to wait before phones are picked up or voicemail is reached.

Create your own bespoke messaging that can be activated from any number your customer calls in from.

Make your customers feel supported and heard while you keep tabs on all ongoing business activity.

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