Drive sales, convert customers and reduce admin time by 50%.

Remove the confusion and avoid ‘death by 100 software subscriptions’ with an all-in-one, homegrown Kiwi software solution that costs less than an employee’s sick leave.

Do you find yourself facing a problem?

Finding customers is hard. So is winning the loyalty of those you have.

Nowadays, everyone is expected to be online and available 24/7 — so just when are you supposed to actually run your business?

You spend so much time trying to find new customers and keep the old ones engaged that the amount of time you have falls off.

You hire more people or maybe a marketing agency. But you don’t get your time back. Now you’re managing others and not seeing to your customers. Or your completely beholden to someone else’s business, because they hold all your assets. 

And then there’s more trouble.

Maybe they’re overseas, so now getting support takes days, if not weeks, trying to find a time to suit. Meanwhile you’re losing leads because something wasn’t set right or someone didn’t understand the task. Oops.

Maybe you sign up to a lot of subscriptions for software, which are only good for one or two jobs and don’t integrate with your business. Suddenly, you don’t know what’s going out of your account when. Not to mention that even if you get the best software in the world, you’ll still need to hire an automation expert to set the whole thing up. And this could cost upwards of $5+k alone.

Just how are you supposed to grow and stay competitive? 

It’s a real chicken and egg problem.

Don’t cluck. Get clicks. And customers.

There’s a way to grow and get your life back, giving you time for your business and home life, all whilst growing in the background. 

And it doesn’t rely on expensive marketing companies to drive massive results. In fact, it puts you behind the steering wheel so you can grow your business exactly how you envisioned, taking as much control as you need. 

With an onboarding call you can get a virtual assistant that’s keyed into your business demographic, managing your contacts and messaging with industry-specific language.

In a way, what we’re talking about is a marketing agency in a box. But it’s better than a marketing agency, because you control all the switches from the word go. For a small monthly investment you could manage all of the following on autopilot;

  • Emails 
  • Social media channels
  • Websites
  • SMS messages
  • Landing pages
  • Google My Business
  • Stripe payments
  • Messager
  • And more..

Imagine getting access to all of the following;

Email Marketing


Website & Funnels


Website Chat


SMS Marketing


CRM & Sales Pipelines


Membership & Course Builders


Call Recording & Reporting


Review & Reputation Management


For nothing like these prices.

We will even allow you to keep the emails sequences to nurture and build your customer lead/database.

You buy it once, and it’s all set up to go. The software, the pipelines, the funnels, the messaging, everything. Including the local help you need (if you need it) to get started. 

And, with Ailem you can easily track your progress, seeing the number of opportunities taken, sales completed, clicks made and conversions won. You can even see how individual emails and messages perform, before changing your messaging strategy.

Ailem replaces dozens of other services.


Ailem is also your campaign manager.

Ailem ensures you don’t lose any customer leads, making sure they stay in the pipeline overtime and are prepped to use your products or services when they need.

Setting Ailem to run is like clicking together lego blocks. All your messaging is set to run, with custom fields for your particular business. In one or two short onboarding calls, we can get everything we need to personalise your messaging and run multiple campaigns without increasing the cost for each new campaign you run.

Imagine achieving all the following;

  • Getting rid of the headache that is social media, with a software that keeps track of all your campaigns and messages across IG, FB, GMB and SMS. 
  • Instant communication, helping cover you and keep potential customers prepped when you can’t answer the phone.
  • Embedding links from your website to wherever you want to lead customers, without the need for complex coding.
  • Individualised funnels and pipelines that help convert newbies and promising prospects from wherever they are now to repeat customers.
  • The ability to run discounts and campaigns across all your outreach messaging channels, including emails, social media and landing pages.
  • Get quality feedback and surveys from your customers to find out what they want and use feedback for future campaigns.
  • Increase the ease with which customers can book in time with you by embedding calendars synced to all your devices.
  • Manage your SEO and Google My Business ads from the same location as you handle everything else, with the same level of autopilot.
  • And many more features…

It’s time to scale and grow.

Decrease admin time by 50% and increase sales by 20%.

Ailem CRM is designed to help you automate your admin and outreach as much as possible, by freeing up your time to do what you do best. It’s also designed to nurture as many potential customers as possible, so that they’re as excited by your offer as you. 

It’s 24/7 customer relationship manager custom-built for your industry after one or two onboarding calls.

We’d like to give it for you for $149 a month. Which is less than you’d pay for software that handles just one of your marketing channels. And a lot less than you’d pay someone else to run all of these for you.

But you don't have to take our word for it.

Trial it free for 30 days.

We will even allow you to keep the email sequences to nurture and build your customer lead database once you’re done.

Sign up below and get the limited time deals.

Still not convinced? Check out the following features.

Drag and drop website builder

Easily craft functional websites using preloaded templates and design assets or upload your own content. Managing a website that sees high traffic is simple with Ailem's website builder.

Funnels and landing pages

Grow your audience with marketing funnels and a-b testing landing pages. Designing your own funnel allows you to create and monitor customer journeys, raking in better conversion rates at the point of purchase.

Surveys and reviews

You might consider them a chore, but millions of customers repeat this action, determining your SEO. Rank highly in your area and improve your service with customer reviews to increase your web presence.

Google Cloud ecosystem

Keeping your data on a secure, encrypted online system is the best way to reach your customers wherever they may be. Google Cloud's ecosystem allows you greater storage capacity and flexible sharing options.

Multiple channels

Your customers are diverse and so too should be your messaging strategy. Integrate your outreach with email, DMS, Google My Business, website chat and widgets.

Calendars & bookings

Sometimes nothing is better than having some where people can book a course directly on your website. Schedule meeting reminders and take video calls with Ailem's organisational tools.

Clever contacts

When you can't personally be there, your brand should be. Make automated calls, respond to missed messages and keep opportunities in the pipeline with Ailem's responsive messaging platforms.

Manage all your contacts, messaging and calendar bookings through Ailem — your all-in-one Customer Relationship Manager.

Getting started is easy

Step 1

Get in contact or trial for FREE.

Step 2

Breeze through our onboarding.

Step 3

Become an online success.

So what are you waiting for?


Yes, we’re available to help you with the onboarding process and work with you to deliver a tailored solution based on your business needs.

Yes, Ailem is designed to integrate with hundreds of other platforms nativly and using Zapier.

All of Ailem’s functions can be accessed on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

Yes, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know and set up Ailem to your liking — but it’s real intuitive to use.

Ailem is more than just a software platform to organise your next campaign. It’s a tool to drive strategy and unlock new market potential by utilising the power of the web. Why let Google decide where you rank when you can drive more engagement and boost your performance by reaching your target audience automatically.

Get more paying customers, monitor your sales and dominate your market with one seamless management tool. Try Ailem today.