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Bring in customers and make your message stick with New Zealand's first all in one CRM system

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Spark Interest

Turn visits into leads with multiple conversion techniques.


One centralised app to communicate on 6+ platforms.

Convert the curious

Transform your leads with our revolutionary system.

Email marketing

Automation that feels personal.

SMS marketing

Fast, reliable, effective.

Live chat function

Keep your audience engaged.

Reputation management

Boost your online profile.

CRM & pipeline management

Keep customers in the pipeline.

Bookings & appointments

Never miss a beat.

Unlimited sales funnels

Get endless campaign reach.

Tracking, analytics & dashboard

Smart, real-time insights.

Surveys & forms

Get valuable feedback.

Call tracking

Make every call count.

Course & online products

Drive more sales.

Integrate with thousands of platforms and app-extensions, using Zapier. One click integration.


Get social targeting and ad reach.


Send out 1000’s of campaign emails.


Connect with people anywhere

Google chat

Access customers while they search

What our clients say

Tried of dealing with generic management systems that confuse and sit there not being used, switch to Ailem and instantly see massive impacts in time savings and sales suing our attraction, conversion and following sysetm.


Wonderful piece of kit. Have really found myself getting lost in the possibilities that this software offers

Rocky Ahammed CEO, Themefix

Love Ailem, it has reduced the amount of time I waste everyday on admin tasks. I can’t get over how affordable it is as well. I have paid 3x this price for one feature before

Manik Mia Owner, Your first aid trainer

I am in love with Ailem and the support I get form it. With one click, I literally had an entire CRM built for me. I am in awe of what this has unlocked for me

Wayne Dunne Trainer

One Size Fits All

Tried of dealing with generic management systems that confuse and sit there unused. Switch to AIlem and instantly see massive returns with it client attraction, conversion and nurture process




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